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English Books Available from Scholastic

The latest Scholastic Book Club is now live online (unfortunately no print catalogs are available because of the pandemic). Just head to the Scholastic website to browse the latest books and place your order. The…
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FIS 100K Challenge

Starting on Wednesday, February 10, 2021, Secondary School students and staff are invited to join a month-long 100K challenge. Take a look at our short (1.42 mins) promo video. I challenge you to try and…
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The PTO Helps You Relax in February

Here is a very special treat from a FIS parent! Enjoy this 10 minute ‘Yoga for Kids’ video with the gorgeous Jamie (Grade 3) and Darcy (Grade 5) and their mum Betty. It’s a great…
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Student Voice

Lost Identities

Do you like to think of yourself as an artist? As part of my Personal Project, I am organizing an art exhibition titled “Lost Identities”. My goal for this exhibition is for visitors to observe…
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