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FIS International Fair 2020

The biggest celebration of the school year is coming up! The FIS International Fair is an opportunity to showcase your country and what you love about it. Traditional food, folklore dances or national dresses, share it…
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High School

Grade 10 Bionicum Visit

Grade 10 made a field trip to the Bionicum this month. The Bionicum is a center attached to the Nürnberg Tiergarten where we witnessed different kinds of technology inspired by animals and nature. They had…
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Swimming Gala Results and More News

Earlier this month, our U14 and Varsity Swimming teams competed at the annual GISST Swimming Gala in Frankfurt, and once again performed really well. In the team competition, both U14 and Varsity Girls finished in…
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Elementary School

Global School Play Day at the FIS

The Early Years and Elementary School celebrated the Global School Play Day on February 5, 2020. An online platform with several participating schools around the world, the Global School Play Day gives students the opportunity…
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