GISST U14 and Varsity Table Tennis Tournament @FIS


Table tennis is an electrifying sport, and when it comes to competitions, it’s a whole new level of excitement! The GISST competition is a highly anticipated event, where schools and students put their skills to the test and compete for the ultimate glory.

Last Friday and Saturday, the FIS had the honor of hosting the first ever GISST U14 and Varsity Table Tennis Tournament. The gym was buzzing with energy as over 50 participants from five International Schools battled it out for victory. All players showcased their skills and pushed themselves to the limit.

  • FIS U14 Girls 3rd place
  • FIS U14 Boys 5th place
  • FIS Varsity Boys 5th place

A huge THANK YOU goes to all parents for investing their time to help running the catering station and sending in food donations.

If you’d like to know more or have any questions, please contact FIS Athletics Director at .

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