Re-registration Deadline Extension


It is the re-registration time at the FIS. We ask that you, as current FIS families, please notify us via the Parent Portal if your child/children will be returning to the FIS for the School Year 2023-2024. If you have more than one child, please complete the re-registration for each child.

In the Parent Portal under your Child Details in the Other Consents section, please click on the correct status for “Re-Registration 2023-2024”, as indicated below.

  1. No information given = Notifies the FIS that a family has not submitted their response.
  2. Consent given = Yes, your child will return to the FIS next year.
  3. Consent withheld = No, your child will not return to the FIS next year.
  4. Contact parent = If you are not sure if your child will return or if there has been a change of payment of school fees or any other significant information, please click here and we will contact you for details.

If you are using an iPhone, please click on the 3 lines next to Personal Information to find the consents section.

If your address or other contact details have changed, please continue to use the Parent Portal to provide us with your current information.

Please note that the deadline for Re-Registration has been extended to Friday, March 17, 2023.

If you have any questions about Re-Registration, please reach out to .

Thank you for your assistance in helping us plan for the next school year.

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