Grade 5 VR Experience


Grade 5 have recently begun their new unit- Switched on. As part of the unit, students are investigating the role of electricity and forces in the design and creation of fairground rides.

To fully experience the thrill of a fairground, without having to travel to one, the students used VR headsets to ride on a variety of different rides, from rollercoasters, to ferris wheels, to pirate ships to name just a few.

They will next choose a ride which they will design and create in class in small groups.

What the Students are Saying

“The freefall tower was really fun and felt so real, and it felt really high! It was kind of scary but still really fun. I never expected to do this activity in school, I really enjoyed it!” – Emma, 5A

“I went on the swing carousel and its actually felt real! The freefall tower was scary!” – Faustine, 5B

“It was fun to do something totally different to normal! The Disney rollercoaster was my favourite.” – Lucas, 5C

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