Duke of Edinburgh: Adventurous Journey Training

As part of the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award, participants have already taken part in a series of sessions to train for their expedition. Bronze students are currently tasked with designing an expedition aim, route and planning of equipment for one night, two days with a minimum of six hours of purposeful activity in the Fränkische Schweiz. Meanwhile, Silver will be preparing for a two nights/three days expedition next academic year.

We are utilizing our staff and parents’ skill set and experience to best share our skills. A huge thank you to Mrs. Steinberg, Mrs. Sharpe, Mr. Greener, Ms. Prest, Mrs. Greener, Mrs. Almond, Mrs. Smith, Mr. Almond and of course Mr. Babbs – one of our parent recruits for their continued collective support of the programme.

So what do the sessions look like to train for expeditions?

Students have honed in their practical skills using map work with grid references, scale, compass directions, bearings, contours and applying this knowledge to calculate pacing. We have also explored diet and nutrition plans, equipment requirements, basic repairs, knots and fire craft for such an expedition. Further sessions will include the impact of the expedition, campsite etiquette, food safety and basic first aid. Have a look through our gallery showing pictures from the taster expedition (held in September) and our training sessions.

General Information

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award is the world’s leading youth development programme and is offered in over 140 countries. Since the Award’s inception in 1956, over 8 million young people have participated in the programme internationally. In 2022 – 2023, Franconian International School is delivering the Bronze and silver awards to grades 9-12 inclusive.

The Award motivates young people to take on individual challenges outside of the academic school curriculum, guiding them along the way and recognising their achievements by awarding them an internationally renowned award.

Participation in the programme is possible between the ages of 14 and 24. The Bronze, Silver und Gold levels require increasingly more time, commitment and personal responsibility in the following sections:

Participants choose their own activities, set personal goals and challenge themselves to achieve them, according to the motto: There is more in you than you think! This process of goal setting, implementation and reflection is accompanied by an Award Leader for a period of 6 – 18 months, depending on the programme level.

Opportunities for Participants

  • Experience of success and self-efficacy.
  • Recognition and appreciation of their personality in everyday school life.
  • Self-confidence and resilience.
  • Strengthening of democratic competences and social skills.
  • Independence.
  • Assumption of social responsibility and commitment.
  • Self-perception and awareness of strengths and weaknesses.
  • New talents and skills.
  • Meaningful time planning and use.
  • Ability to learn from and give to others.
  • New friendships and relationships.
  • Ability to lead and work in a team.
  • Goal orientation and enjoyment of challenges.
  • Strengthening of the spirit of enterprise and adventure, enjoyment of nature experiences.
  • Receiving an internationally renowned award.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Simpson ().

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