Interns at the FIS


Did you know that the FIS has a regular intake of interns in various school areas and attempts to accommodate requests as much as possible?

Internships offer a unique chance for students to learn about the teaching profession, gain hands-on experience in their chosen field and make a difference in the lives of young people. And if you yourself had been a student at the school a few years earlier, the experience might be even more fulfilling. That is the case with Pia Junger, who currently works as an intern in the Arts department.

Says Pia: “I was a student at the FIS from Grade 3. This internship offers me the opportunity to experience the job of an Arts teacher firsthand, and understand from the teachers here how they started their careers at international schools. For me, it is mega-interesting to teach these heterogeneous classes with kids from everywhere and overcome any language barriers – this is a wonderful feeling, also for the kids.”

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