Bus Transport Service

The FIS offers a transport service to families living within FIS bus zones which are outside an approximate 2 km radius of the school. Families who live outside FIS bus zones may bring their children to a predetermined meeting or pickup point and take part in the FIS Bus Transport Service from that point onwards. We would like to emphasize that using the transportation system helps to ease the traffic situation at drop-off/pick-up times.

Students who are unable to come to school in the morning should inform

  • the bus driver by sending a text message to the respective bus driver and
  • the bus company by sending a text message to the TRANSFAIR HOTLINE 0179/6846822

Information concerning changes to arrangements for bus transportation home from school should be sent to  at the latest by 13.00 on that day. We cannot guarantee that short notice requests made by telephone will be received in time to be implemented. Requests for transportation on other bus lines for particular days or for private reasons will not be considered.

Public Bus VGN

Besides the FIS Bus Transport Service there is a very comfortable public transport system in Erlangen and the whole Metropolitan region of Nürnberg/Fürth/Erlangen.

The Verkehrsverbund Großraum Nürnberg (VGN) offers a public transport network for nearly the whole of northern Bavaria. With only one ticket you are able to reach each destination within this area.

The majority of the FIS students live in the service area of the VGN. Therefore it might be a reasonable alternative to the FIS Bus Transport Service to use the public bus.

The next public bus stop to the FIS is „Marie-Curie-Straße“ at the intersection Marie-Curie-Straße/Allee am Röthelheimpark, right in front of the school. The bus line 294 takes students to Erlangen Central Station in 12 minutes and to the “Arcaden” in 13 minutes. From there students can transfer easily to other bus lines or trains for their final destinations.

An alternative to bus line 294 can be found a five minute walk away at the bus stop „Markuskirche“ at the intersection Drausnickstraße/Kurt-Schumacher-Straße. From here buses leave in many directions, including the traffic hubs “Central Station” and “Arcaden”.

Although not all students will be able to use public bus system, we would like to point out the advantages of doing so:

  • Short travel time, especially within the city of Erlangen
  • Low prices
  • Large positive impact on the environment

Available bus lines


Line 294
Eltersdorf – Bruck – Arcaden – Central Station – Hugenottenplatz – Röthelheimpark (close to Marie-Curie-Straße) – Sieglitzhof



Line 208
Central Station – Markuskirche – Effeltrich

Line 209
Central Station – Markuskirche – Neunkirchen am Brand – Eckental

Line 210
Central Station – Uttenreuth – Neunkirchen – Kalchreuth – Heroldsberg

Line 284
Eichendorffschule – Central Station – Markuskirche – Sieglitzhof

Line 285
Max-Planck-Straße – Central Station – Markuskirche – Buckenhof

Student ticket

All FIS Students are entitled to purchase a monthly student ticket (Schülermonatskarte) from all VGN Service Centers. All you need is to fill in the order form (Bestellschein Verbundpass). You will need to provide:

  • Students name and address
  • Number of the regular route used
  • What form of transport will be used (e. g. bus, train)
  • Name of the school
  • Students older than 14 need a confirmation from the school

You can find the order form here: http://www.vgn.de/media/downloads/Best_Azubi_03.pdf?Edition=en

VGN timetable

The following link leads you to the electronic timetable on the VGN webpage. There you can generate your personal road map, including travel time and respective VGN-zones: