Actively Supporting School Life

If you are a parent or legal guardian, member of school management or a teacher at the FIS then you are automatically a member of the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO).

If you have any questions about the school and/or the school community or if you have any ideas that you would like to share with other school families, please don’t hesitate to contact us at We would love to hear from you.

PresidentAlexis Casey (ES Parent)
Vice-PresidentAmy Wiesner (ES Parent)
SecretarySriram Aiyyer (ES and Secondary Parent)
TreasurerSaskia Schmitt (ES and Secondary Parent)
Section Representatives 
Early YearsDafne Jimenez (EY/ES Parent)
Nela Sebesta (EY Nurture Teacher)
Elementary SchoolJudith Hey (ES and Secondary Parent)
Nela Sebesta (EY Nurture Teacher)
Secondary School Bonnie Tanz (Secondary Counselor)
Micheala Day (Secondary Teacher)
Nic Plischke (Secondary Parent)
Ordinary Members 
Deepti Gaur (EY and Secondary Parent)
Roohee Heyl (EY and ES Art Teacher)
Jennifer Ho (ES Parent)
Lee Semp (ES and Secondary Parent)
Elaine Smith (Librarian)
Natsuko Yasuda (Secondary Parent)

The objectives of the PTO are to:

  • Strengthen a sense of community by bringing FIS families together.
  • Harness and share the energy, expertise, and enthusiasm of parents and all FIS community members.
  • Raise money to support the school community’s activities and funding requests.

We seek to achieve our objectives through a diverse program of events throughout the school year.

General Meetings are held throughout the school year. All members have the right to attend General Meetings. We encourage your participation in these meetings as it is not only a time to connect but also to have your ideas and feedback considered.

The PTO Board is a group of parents and teachers that are elected to administer the affairs of the PTO. The Board of Management and the Ordinary Members are elected every two years at the PTO Annual General Meeting. Section Representatives are selected together with the Section Principal and teachers in consultation with the PTO President. All PTO Board Members have one vote each on issues for decision. Since many of the volunteers work, we communicate mainly via email and get together either as a board or as a committee when necessary.