Procedure & Fees

Admissions Procedure

Interested applicants are required to submit a completed FIS Application Packet when applying for admission. Applications may be made at any time during the year. Please note that only complete Application Packets will be processed. All inquires can be directed to the Admissions Department via or call +49 9131 94039 – 0.

We still have places available in several of our grades for the current school year (2019/2020) and we are accepting applications now.

Fee Schedule

Application Packet

A complete Application Packet consists of:

  • Copy of Birth Certificate

    with English translation

  • Copies of school reports

    from the last three school years, if applicable. These must be in English or German. For German Middle School applicants, a copy of the Übertrittszeugnis is mandatory. Please submit copies only as these will not be returned.

  • Copies of work samples

    for all applicants with the exception of Early Years and Grade One. Please submit copies only as these will not be returned. This includes:

    • Recent math test(s) and assignments
    • Recent sample of creative writing (can be in native language, with the exception of High School applications, which must be in English).
  • Registration fee

    of 315 € which must be submitted with the application packet. This can be paid in cash or by bank transfer. Bank transfers must indicate the name of the student, the grade they are applying to and the applicable school year (i.e. Jane Doe, Grade X, SY 20XX-20XX). This fee is non-refundable. In addition a pre-payment of the tuition of 1.500 € is due together with the registration fee. This fee is non-refundable and will be offset towards the tuition payment, but only if the child is accepted to school.

Bank details for payments: Stadtsparkasse Erlangen; IBAN DE43 7635 0000 0060 0031 33; SWIFT (BIC) BYLADEM1ERH

Placement | Admissions Testing

Personal interviews may be scheduled with each family and student before a decision on acceptance into the FIS is made. The decision on acceptance is a FIS management decision.

All students applying for Grade 1 must undergo our Grade 1 Readiness Assessment before placement in Grade 1 can be confirmed (this typically takes place in May or June).

Admission and/or placement assessments may be required to confirm acceptance and/or grade placement.

Please note that for our Early Years 3 to 5 and Grade 1 classes, your child must be the appropriate age for that class by October 31 of that school year.

Any non-native English speaking student applying for a place in Grades 9 to 11 will need to send current scores from a TOEFL or IELTS English Language Assessment with their application. Testing locations and dates can be found on the websites: and

Confirmation of Admission

Before the end of June you will be informed that:

  • Admission has been granted
  • Admission has been denied
  • Admission has been granted but, due to class size restrictions, your child has been placed in a waiting pool.

Mid-year entry is possible on a space available basis. Families wishing to enroll their children mid-year should follow the process as outlined above, and will be contacted directly once a decision on admission has been made.

In general, any student coming from a southern hemisphere school and joining the FIS at the beginning of spring term or later shall finish the remaining school year at the same grade level they have just finished.

Trial | Probationary Period

All students admitted into the school are accepted on a six month probationary period during which the FIS has the right to revoke admission should a student not be meeting the academic and behavioral requirements of the school.