Recap: Theater Solo Performances

Theater solo performances are not only exciting but also incredibly challenging for the DP Theater HL students at the FIS. These talented students are required to research an influential theater theorist for their solo theater piece. This offers valuable insights into the history and evolution of theater, and helps students develop a deeper understanding of the art form and its various techniques and approaches. Recently, on the evening of February 16, seven students showcased their solo theater pieces in a stunning display of talent. These students prove that hard work and dedication can lead to incredible achievements. The audience was left touched and impressed by the outstanding performances, which featured a variety of different theatrical styles.

Anaïs Klause, a Grade 12 student, expressed her thoughts on the project, saying, “This was an extremely interesting project to me. It was quite a personal piece (which I was scared to share) but in the end, it was very cathartic. A lot of work was put into the development of this piece. The first step was to choose a theater theorist – I chose Antonin Artaud – and to research him, the type of theater he created, why and how. After this exploration time during which we explore and experiment with the specific convention we chose from our theorists – I chose the use of sounds and voice – we build an intention for our piece, which guides it forward. My piece actually changed quite a bit through the process,  especially because I needed to find a way to make it personal in order to share what I wanted to share, without it affecting me excessively. Overall, I really enjoyed the whole process, and I am very proud of me and all my classmates’ hard work.”

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