You Hold Me Up…


Grades 1 and 2 have been back for a few weeks now.

As much as we were all excited to be back in the class, we also started with uncertainties. What will school be like and how have things changed?

We soon realized that the things we love about school are still there and we also appreciated how much time we could spend at home with our families who supported us through the times of remote learning.

To start the week and connect with each other, we read “You Hold Me Up” by Monique Gray Smith. This is a book about all the people in our lives that ‘hold us up’ by loving and supporting us.

With our parents in mind but also family and friends, we wrote our own version of the book. We even sent some examples of our writing to the author who sent a reply saying how much she appreciated this and that we had made her day. Maybe, in that moment, we were holding her up?

Here is to the caring and cooperative FIS community…

… you hold me up, I hold you up, we hold each other up!

Anna Dawkins
1D Homeroom Teacher

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