Update – “Culture in the 21st Century” Conference


Thank you to everyone for supporting the Culture in the 21st Century Conference on Wednesday, March 20 to make it such a success! Without the support of each of you, such a diverse event between the school sections could not have been possible. We would like to acknowledge Ms. Min and Mr. Kolentse for their efforts with Middle School, as well as all of the Advisors 6 through 12 in helping with the logistics in the preparatory weeks and months as well as on the day. We are particularly grateful to Dr. Heather Meyer, our keynote speaker, who captivated our students, staff and parents through a variety of workshops.

All of the invited guests and Dr. Heather Meyer were overwhelmed by the quality of engagement from our students. Dr. Meyer especially noted the creativity and diversity of the sessions offered by students, staff and parents alike. The feedback received from students echoed this, many students commented on the inclusion of all three sections of the school sharing a common theme. The staff PD was well received, again Dr. Meyer was very humbled by the direct feedback given to her from FIS Staff and Parents after her sessions.

The Parent Workshop hosted on Thursday, March 21 was attended by nearly 40 parents. This workshop allowed parents to engage in discussions around the challenges their children face as a result of being in an internationally mobile environment. Each of the discussion groups gave the parents a different perspective based on the many facets of raising children internationally as well as many questions to discuss at home.

For us as Conference Organizers, we have felt humbled by the support given to us, feedback shared and questions about the conference next year. This really re-emphasized the value of hosting such a conference for our Community and instilled enthusiasm to continue running the “Identity Insights” series.

If you would be interested in accessing any of the presentations that took place throughout the day, we invite you to follow this link: Culture in the 21st Century Conference 2019  Presentations

Michelle Ang, Lorraine Kellum and Scott Simpson
“Culture in the 21st Century”Conference Team

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