A Reflection from Our Outgoing Head of Primary School

33, 3, 12, 3-18, 25, 8 …. 72,463

A random list of numbers or a winning sequence – sometimes an opportunity to speculate, to wonder and to explore keeps the reader engaged. At other times you just want the answer to reveal itself. You want to be told so you can move on to the next chapter to learn more.

Numbers can seem to dominate our lives from an early age.

How many days till my birthday?
How many days till grandma comes?
How many days till Eid?
How many days until the holidays?

As a child, this counting down of numbers can seem endless. Especially those connected to days, as each 24 hours appears to crawl past. Then suddenly time flies and you are clinging on to time and wishing a pause button could be pressed to allow you to enjoy the little things.

As Head of Primary, taking time to enjoy the little things reminded me every day why I chose education as a career:

Taking tea from a three-year-old engaged in home play.
Watching four-year-olds investigate the habitats around them.
Hearing the excitement of five year olds as they discover dinosaur bones.
Listening to a six-year-old read their favorite book aloud.
Piano recitals from a seven-year-old opening our assembly.
Eight and nine-year-olds creating pop-up shops raising money for those in need.
Ten-year-olds running After School Activities and leading from the front.
Eleven-year-olds coordinating football schedules and planning the outdoor spaces.

Being the Head of the Primary school has been a pleasure and an honor.

As I move into a new role where I can hopefully have more opportunities to enjoy the little things, I am reminded of the wise words of a colleague of mine: “Children don’t stop you doing your job, they are your job.”

And that opening number sequence?

33 years teaching
3 countries taught in
18 schools taught at
3-18 age ranges taught
25 years in leadership
8 years at the FIS

And 72,463?

Well, that would be the number of times I have been asked “Can we come into school yet?” as I opened the doors each morning.

Patricia Appel
Head of Primary School

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