Spirit Week – Student Voice

A few weeks back Grade 12 celebrated their last week of high school with a spirit week. Seeing how much this celebration brought them closer together, friends and I thought of opening this up to the whole of Secondary students and teachers (Grade 6 through 12).

I think that Spirit Week is a week for everyone to come together and end the year in a fun way – following the themes and prompts given each day.

This year, the themes were:

Monday: Bring anything but a bag day
Tuesday: Opposite style day
Wednesday: Celebrate your culture day
Thursday: Prom day
Friday: Future you day

Most of the daily themes were thought of by Grade 11 students and friends, and then approved by DP Coordinator and Assistant Head of Secondary – Mrs. Greener, as well as Head of Secondary, Ms. Harth.

Personally, I was excited to see everyone’s creativity flourish each day, coming up with unique outfits yet following each theme. Hearing students compliment each other, and/or discussing the themes, what they thought, and what they would wear, etc. was very interesting. Between boys in skirts and dresses and students in traditional clothing – I believe this is a great opportunity to remind ourselves of how important it is to be confident and believe in ourselves.

The way everybody interacted with each other built a sense of belonging. In all our different outfits and avatars, we were still part of a common school spirit. At the same time, the vast array of looks also brought home how diverse and multicultural our student body is.

I hope this end of the week to be filled with positivity, and on behalf of secondary students, I wish everybody a wonderful and relaxing summer break.

Anaïs Klause
Grade 11B

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