Grade 8-11 Music Concert

Last week, the music students in Grades 8-11 delighted the audience with a wide variety of pieces, ranging from Bach to Billie Eilish. Having the opportunity to perform for a live audience, especially after two years of mostly virtual presentations, is a very important educational experience for the students – all the chances they can get to be involved in formal performances help them develop confidence and resilience as musicians.

Despite this for some students being their first performance in a long time, and for some students being their first performance ever, the performances were excellent and demonstrated a great deal of commitment and sustained effort through the past few months as students have been selecting pieces, refining their skills, and practicing a solo or group piece up to perfection.

Ms. Karin Lee, Music Teacher and Personal Project Coordinator, celebrates her students’ academic growth: “I personally am extremely proud of all of them and observed a huge amount of growth from the beginning of the school year until now. We celebrated after the concert with a small party where students could get to know the musicians from other grade levels and strengthen our music community here at the FIS.”

And students join her in her excitement:

“It was a great atmosphere, everyone was excited.” Sophia Gladis (performer, Grade 8, cello)

“Aksh’s performance gave me goosebumps!” Carson Colangelo (performer, Grade 8, drum set – referring to Aksh Joshi, Grade 8, piano)

“It was a great experience – it was nerve-wracking, but after I started to play it got better.” Valentina Vesselinov (performer, Grade 8, guitar)

“It was a lot of fun.” Mihir Raj (performer, Grade 8, guitar)

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