Oh What Fun It Is to Be Entertained


The Grade 1 students have been inquiring into how entertainment has changed over time and why we have entertainment. Grade 1’s used their math skills to collect data from the Early Years 5  students to better inform their acts for our Entertainment Show for the EY5 students on Thursday. The Grade 1’s entertained the EY5’s with acts that were sure to make the EY5 students feel calm, happy, make them think and to not be bored based on their data.

“It felt good to make our EY5 buddies smile,” reflected Rohan from Grade 1. Following the show, EY5 students used the IPC Personal Goal “Thoughtfulness” to write letters about their favorite act from the Grade 1 Entertainment Show. It was a good learning experience as we built a closer community through our learning.


Jess Hertz
1H Homeroom Teacher

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