Upcoming Event: “Time Flies”


We extend our heartiest congratulations to the Grade 10 IGCSE Drama and Music students, and the Grade 12 IB DP (Higher Level and Standard Level) Drama and Music students for all their coursework performances held in March. The Performing Arts students have worked independently for many long hours to prepare their coursework, and they should be proud of their artistic endeavors over the two-year course.

Well done, students and teachers!

Upcoming Performing Arts Event

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the FIS this year, the school has decided to partner with an organization called Bridging Arts in order to create a bespoke production based on the theme of “Time Flies”.

The Bridging Arts team has been working with students throughout the school on the initial stages of planning and production, and has put together a core group of student performers to be in the show. As this is an original production, students will have a hand in the creation of the piece, which will include movement, singing and acting.

Watch this space to find out more, and mark the date in your calendar! The entire FIS community is invited to come and see this exciting venture during the FIS 20th Anniversary Festival on Saturday, June 29 from 11:00 to 20:00.


Nevann Hardwick
HOD Performing Arts

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