Kuratorium Breakfast


End of February the FIS held its annual Kuratorium meeting. Usually, the Kuratorium meets for breakfast at school, however, for the second time in a row, we decided to do a virtual conference instead. For those of you who haven‘t heard about it before: the Kuratorium consists of around 30 members who are mostly regional politicians (for example, the mayors of Erlangen, Fürth, Herzogenaurach and Nuremberg) and university representatives. Some of them have been supporting the school right from the start and contributing significantly to its success story. Our chairman, Dr. Bill Sheldon, had the pleasure of welcoming two new Kuratorium members this year:

Prof. Dr. Helen Rogers, former FIS Board member and Head of Bachelor International Business at the Technical University of Nuremberg, and Jörg Volleth, 2nd mayor of Erlangen.

Having been with the FIS since its foundation in 1995 Dr. Sheldon took the opportunity to officially step down as chairman and hand over to Dr. Thomas Lask who has been with the school right from the start and also serves as deputy chairman of the FIS Board of Directors. Please join me in thanking Bill for all his passion and efforts for the school and in welcoming Thomas and wishing him best of luck in his new position!

After having “met” the Kuratorium briefly during last year’s meeting, our new Head of School, Dr. Liam Browne, introduced himself and shared his experiences re-starting at the FIS. In informing the Kuratorium members about the ongoing challenges due to Covid-19, he highlighted the deep sense of loyalty, purpose and investment of FIS staff members. Liam also took the opportunity to present AGIS, Association of German International Schools, which he is currently chairing. The AGIS consists of 23 German international schools representing and supporting the educational and public interest of its members by promoting and improving international education. At the end of his talk, Liam presented the timeline for the re-accreditation by CIS and NEASC which will take place at the end of November this year.

Although only virtually we are looking back to a lively meeting and hope to meet again in person next year! Thank you to all the participants and to everybody involved in the preparation!

Dr. Verena Schraner
Board of Directors Member

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