FIS Staff Volunteers for Fire Safety Training


Fire prevention is a top priority at our school. Various safety precautions, such as regular checks of electrical appliances and sockets, fire drills, and yearly fire safety training, are in place to ensure the safety of our students, staff, and visitors.

Several FIS employees are trained as voluntary fire safety assistants during the fire safety course conducted by an external work and health safety company. It includes theoretical training about the possible sources of danger and how to avoid these as well as the practical use of fire extinguishers. Our fire safety assistants know where to find them, which other fire protection measures are available in the building, and how they operate.

Fire drills are essential to maintain a safe environment. These practices take place four times a year to ensure that all staff members and students know escape routes, procedures and gathering points in case of an emergency. During a fire drill the entire building, with its nearly 630 students and 190 staff is evacuated within minutes.

We are grateful for our colleagues’ continued commitment to the safety of the FIS community.

FIS Fire Safety Team

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