Grade 3 Erlangen Botanical Garden Visit


Where did we go?

The Grade 3 classes went to the Botanical Garden in Erlangen, at the end of January. It was fun and exciting!

Why did we go there?

Our IPC unit is called Explorers and Adventurers. We had a guided tour through the gardens where we learned about plants and were given time to draw the plants we saw. We had to draw scientific drawings of our favorite plants in the greenhouse. So, when we shared our work, one would be able to tell which plant it was!

What did we learn?

We learned about the things that explorers have to do and go through on a daily basis while exploring. We also learned about explorers like Margaret Mee, Hernan Cortes, and Friedrich von Hellwig.

How did we get there?

We took the public bus and we walked a few blocks. We had to stay in our groups because we were in a public place!

What are some things that you’ll remember forever?

I will remember the heavy thunderstorm when we were coming back to school and all of the amazing things that we saw at the Erlangen Botanical Garden. Also, we learned a lot about plants, explorers, different types of soil, animals, and climates.

Savannah and Sophia
Grade 3

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