Global School Play Day at the FIS


The Early Years and Elementary School celebrated the Global School Play Day on February 5, 2020.

An online platform with several participating schools around the world, the Global School Play Day gives students the opportunity and time to take risks, make mistakes, solve problems and communicate without teacher interference or influence.

In addition to playing games brought from home, students created their own games and dramatic skits. During this unstructured and self-directed play, students used their creativity and deep thinking to explore and experiment.

A group of students in EY5C organized themselves to create a puppet and magic show. They wanted to present their show to the school so they wrote invitations and posters to inform other students about the event.

Global School Play Day is a day for play but also for authentic and meaningful learning. You can have a look at their website to know more.

Chelsea Condon
EY5C Homeroom Teacher

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