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FIS High School Music Concert


We are extremely proud to share that the FIS presented an IGCSE and IB music concert, earlier this month.

It was a diverse program, ranging from classical to rock to ragtime to student compositions. Highlights included an impressive showcase of variety and quality by our Grade 12 IB Music student, clarinetist Erik Hartzo and the first appearance of our new High School Choir at a FIS music concert.

We would like to acknowledge and applaud the dedication, commitment, and hard work of the student performers.

Grade 10 performers:

Nidhi Gandhi – flute
Benjamin Kindermann – electric guitar
Rosalie Köster – saxophone, clarinet, member of High School Choir and composer
Elias Menschner – piano
Ege Oydasik – drum set and piano
Scott Simons – electric and acoustic guitar
Arnav Sukhtankar – piano

Grade 11 performer:

Elisabeth Augsten – violin

Grade 12 performer:

Erik Hartzo – clarinet

Special thanks to additional performers:

Hannah Köster – flute, piano, member of HS Choir
Brisbane Rivera – composer
Joulena Rivera – member of HS Choir
Trisha Misra – member of HS Choir
Maija Tirronen – member of HS Choir

Shout out as well to Ms. Raine for helping us with lights, to Mr. Horn for recording the student’s exam work, to Mr. Egerton, Ms. Niemczyk, and Mr. Lock for their support, and of course to the families of our students for the countless hours spent helping them to refine their skills as musicians.

We could not be more thankful to have the privilege of working with the young musicians here at the FIS.

Karin Lee and David Seay
FIS Music Teachers

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