Semester 1 Report Cards


At the FIS, report cards are published twice a year, at the end of each semester. As we near the end of Semester 1, all teachers are currently busy reviewing their records and assessments ready for the Semester 1 report cards which will be published on Friday 10 February.

Primary School parents, please note: Thursday, January 26, and Friday, January 27, are half days for Primary School. Primary School students will finish school at 11:55. This is because the primary report card format is narrative and requires a substantial amount of writing and proofreading by teachers.

Although parents now know much more about what goes on in school and their children’s learning compared to yesteryear, thanks to digital platforms such as SeeSaw and Managebac, and the various outreach initiatives of the school such as information nights and this very newsletter, school report cards remain important records. We rely on this in our admissions office when preparing to onboard students, as will future schools of students leaving the FIS. Similarly, universities and other post-18 education or work institutions may require these summative records of learning and attitudes.

Their main purpose however remains as a key link of the home-school partnership where parents can read into and celebrate all the achievements of their children over a significant period. In years to come these can be a wonderful reflection for students themselves to see how far they came then and ever since.

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