Grade 2 IPC Unit: Inventions


The Grade 2 students introduced a provocation to spark curiosity for the start of their new IPC unit “Inventions.” A provocation is used to ignite and encourage student learning and better prepare them for the unit.

For the Grade 2 provocation, students gathered in the aula and found a web we laid out. In the center of the web was a mystery box. Connected to the web were different clues to help students guess what was inside the box. These clues were actually inventions from different periods of time. The students also had a chance to describe what these inventions are used for and what year they were invented in. This helped the students with their final guess of what was hiding in the mystery box. Inside the box was a smartphone!

We chose this invention to show how this one device has replaced all the surrounding inventions that were connected to it. This sparked their creative thoughts and ideas as to what the rest of the unit will entail to help engage them.

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