“Out of school” online registration


Further to the success of the trial run with Middle School during the last two weeks, the use of the “out of school” online registration is now extended to the whole school. As of Monday, January 8, 2018, absences, late arrivals and early pick-ups must be registered through the Parent Portal. Please follow the guidelines below.

All requests will be processed by the front office who will either approve or decline (in case of wrong input or lack of information) them. The front office will then, in accordance with the FIS absence policy and the Section Principals, validate the absence status “excused” or “unexcused”, which will be visible in the “view attendance” section of the Parent Portal. An approved request does not automatically mean an excused absence. The absence information will be available to all FIS staff. There won’t be any necessity to email the homeroom teachers or the bus services in case of absence.

Please note that student vacations should be limited to the FIS vacation schedule. Students who are taken out of school for an extended holiday will receive an unexcused absence for each school day they miss. These unexcused absences will be noted on the student report card. Parents should be aware that such practice is illegal according to German law. The school has the right to inform the local authorities.

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