Drama performances and concerts


Busy, busy, busy… the months of November and December for the Performing Arts Department have been full of activity with several theatrical and musical performances.

The Grade 10 Drama students kicked off the busy performance schedule with five original plays devised by students centered around the tension of relationships. The show was titled “Broken” and there were several outstanding contributions by individual students. Overall, the Grade 10 drama work was highly appreciated by the audience and touched a sensitive spot for all.

Our second event was the IB and IGCSE musical soiree last Friday evening. The audience was entertained with items such as an original song by Kiara Knothhaft (Grade 9), a jazzy flute solo, a soothing bassoon performance, several guitar solos, an array of piano pieces and a variety of small ensembles. The evening culminated with a festive ukulele rendition of “Feliz Navidad” performed by all of the music students. Well done to our young musicians for their discipline and dedication to preparing their pieces, their team work with ensemble items and their risk-taking for performing in front of an audience. Many important life skills and opportunities for our students to learn from!

This week, the school community has also been treated to mini-performances from the Elementary School choir and the String Ensemble, entertaining interested on-lookers with Christmas favorites such as “Little Drummer Boy” (choir) and “Jingle Bell Boogie” (strings).

The highlight of the week was the Grade 2 and Grade 9 “Panto” held on Thursday. Pantomimes fit perfectly in to this special time of year. They are part of a British theater culture and are a wonderful form of theatrical entertainment. Pantomines usually involve music, jokes and slapstick comedy that are based on a fairy tale or nursery story and are presented usually around Christmas time. We congratulate Ms. Raine, Ms. Lee and Mr. Haug on this presentation.

A big congratulations to our Drama and Music students and teachers on these wonderful performing experiences full of passion, learning and action. Merry Christmas to all!

Nevann Hardwick
HoD Performing Arts

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