Odyssey of the Mind – Restart


The Odyssey of the Mind activity has started up again for a new season!

The creative problem solving competition sees a group of Grade 7 students aiming to put together teams that will compete/perform at the German finals sometime in 2022 (date TBA). The teams have to eventually use creativity, ingenuity, technology, problem solving and collaboration to solve the problems that are selected by the Odyssey HQ in the USA.

To get their minds flexing, students were placed into teams and were given a Breakout (like an escape room) to solve. The internet had accidentally crashed, and the teams had to solve cryptic clues to get it turned back on. Amazingly all three teams solved the Breakouts within 40 minutes which is testament to their good team work and critical thinking.

Harvey Greener and Sarah Sharpe
Event Coordinators

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