Mother Tongue Day: Second Call for Submissions


The city of Erlangen is organizing their second annual “Tag der Muttersprache” (Mother Tongue Day) which will actually be a week of activities offered in and around the Erlangen city center from February 18 to 24. This event is meant to celebrate the variety and beauty of mother tongues spoken in Erlangen and the FIS community is going to be represented!

The FIS is participating in the “Markt der Sprache” (language market) which is a series of workshops, displays and performances all held in the Volkshochschule (vhs) Erlangen on February 23.

We need your submissions to create a display board of tongue twisters, favorite words, and interesting idioms from your mother tongue.

There is now a display board set up at the front entrance of the school where you can physically add your entries, or you can e-mail your entries straight to the me at " target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer"> and I will print and post them up. All submissions should be written in your mother tongues, with translations into English and/or German to accompany them. Drawings/pictures to go alongside your submissions are also highly encouraged.

Let’s show off the mother tongues of the FIS to the city of Erlangen!

Crystal Humphrey
English as an Additional Language Teacher

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