Lost Identities

Do you like to think of yourself as an artist?

As part of my Personal Project, I am organizing an art exhibition titled “Lost Identities”.

My goal for this exhibition is for visitors to observe art from the FIS community and learn about the importance of art in the past and present. The project will also explore the boundaries, or lack thereof, in art.

With this project, I hope to inspire the FIS community to understand, value and appreciate art. I hope to make people more open-minded towards different perspectives on situations or identities.

To succeed, I need your help! Check out my website, where you can read more about the project and leave your email address if you would like to participate.

The theme for this exhibition is “Lost Identities” so any pieces, old or new, related to the subject are welcome. Your pieces will be shown in an online exhibition much like in the website.

Lucas Moone
Grade 10 Student

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