Guide for Designing Your Dream Room

Grade 10 students are working on their Personal Projects at the moment which will count towards the MYP certificate that they will receive at the end of this year.

For my Personal Project, I decided to create a website which is a guide for tweens (aged 9 through 12) to be able to designing their room. It is a guide for decision making.

Should you be interested, please give the website a look. I go through different stages so that the kids are able to become more independent and I guide them through the process of decision making.

There is also a feedback form in my website which I would be very grateful for you to fill out after you use my website.

Even though this website is intended for preteens, I’m sure it will be very useful for everyone!

So don’t hesitate to have a look! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at .

Caitlin Jaeger
Grade 10 Student

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