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GISST U14 Boys Football @BERIS

The FIS U14 Boys Football team accompanied by their coach Mr. Hyde and Mrs. Bay as chaperone are heading to Berlin next week November 16-18 for the final GISST competition. Parents have been informed about the selection and travel arrangements. We wish our team success and good luck to ALL!

Friendly Fixtures in November 2022

Apart from the final GISST Football tournaments, we also have some Friendly fixtures scheduled this month. Please see below for details.

Varsity Volleyball & Varsity Boys Football Friendly @ISU, November 12

The Varsity Boys and Girls Volleyball as well as the Varsity Boys Football teams have been selected to represent the FIS at another Friendly to be held this Saturday, November 12 at the International School Ulm/Neu-Ulm. They will leave at 7:00 in the morning and should be back by 18:30. Have a great day of competition in Ulm!

U14 and Varsity Swimming Friendly @BIS, November 19

The following Saturday, November 19th, our U14 and Varsity swimmers accompanied by their coaches Ms. Prest, Mr. Sondberg, Ms. Barkova and Ms. Allen as chaperones will travel to the Bavarian International School for a friendly swim meet. They will leave at 6:30 and should be back by 16:00. All swimmers and parents have already been informed. Good luck to all FIS swimmers!

Mila Fischer
Athletics Director

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