Just Dance in the FIS Aula


Grade 10 students Anna and Enya are inviting the community to shake a leg at the ‘Just Dance’ sessions, hosted every Monday and Friday during the Secondary lunch break. Students from Grades 6 to 12 have the opportunity to get together during lunch and… just, dance! The staff are invited, too.

The idea to plan these sessions stems from the ‘Just Dance Breaktime’ event organized by Allen Lindblad earlier this year. Mr. Lindblad, FIS Director of Educational Technology, led our entry to the FUSE Esports Cup 2022, designed specifically for young gamers with a focus on developing positive gaming behaviors and promoting digital wellbeing.

“We thought we could bring the practice back as it’s really fun to be together with your friends and dance,” Anna explains the objective.

In the popular esports game, Just Dance, a screen displays choreography and the participants have to follow the steps. You get awarded points for accuracy.

Enya says that this is a great initiative to help build community in school. “We can all gather as a school, follow the moves on the screen, and share some laughs in the process,” she adds.

That sure does sound like dancing like no one’s watching. If you’re interested, head over to the Aula on Mondays and Fridays during Secondary lunch break!

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