Grade 5 Trip to Freilandmuseum


On Thursday, October 27, Grade 5 enjoyed a trip to Bad Windsheim’s Freilandmuseum. Their visit helped develop the students’ understanding of life in Germany in the past, while making connections with their current IPC unit ‘Here and Now, There and Then’.

The unit focuses on cultivating a clear understanding of ‘Host’, ‘Home’, and/or ‘Adopted’ countries, and what can be learned from them. An important goal as part of this is for the students to be able to communicate their knowledge and understanding of Geography in a variety of ways.

Here is what students had to say about the experience:

“Today was really fun! My favorite part was threshing. It was much harder to live long ago. In the olden days, they didn’t have robots to help them.” Rali Georgieva in 5A

“Fence making is easier than you think. The hardest part is finding the right sticks.” Yudhi Sangavi in 5B

“I learned a lot about what it’s like In the Middle Ages. It was really educational and I learned a lot about our unit. I learned how to thresh rye with a flail.” Graham Simpson in 5C

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