Introduction to CAS and Service as Action


Service as Action (SaA) is a great chance for students in the MYP to help make a difference to either the local or global community. They choose an area that they are passionate about, e.g. helping a local food charity, or raising awareness about climate change and then take action. They learn how to plan, investigate and implement projects that can make a real difference to society.

CAS , which is a continuum of the SaA but in the Diploma years is very similar but adds on to the Service element two key other aspects, Creativity and Activity. CAS students once again choose to complete a selection of experiences/projects that demonstrate that they are more than just an academic student but that they are also creative, active and care about the communities they live in (local and global). CAS experiences range from: learning a musical instrument; writing an article for the school newsletter; being part of a sports team; 30 day fitness challenges; taking action on recycling in the school; helping collect food parcels for refugees. These experiences give students a great sense of well-being and hopefully bring balance to the potential stresses of the IB academic program, furthermore they also make our students stand out in their university applications.

Both the SaA and CAS programs mean that when our students finally leave the FIS they come out with a greater sense of how they can make a difference to not only their own lives but the lives of others all around the world and we at the FIS hope this is something they will hold dear to them well into the future.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about SaA and CAS at the FIS, please get in touch at .

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