First Aid Course for Staff


In order to provide quality first aid on and off campus and also in line with German laws and the FIS safeguarding policy, a number of staff members from across the different school sections participated in a full-day of first aid training last week. Such training is conducted every two years.

The multi-purpose room turned into a practice area as an English-speaking instructor from the Red Cross taught principles of first aid and showed techniques ranging from recovery position to resuscitation and defibrillation. It was also a hands-on experience as the taught skills had to be practiced and demonstrated by each participant before receiving their First Aid Certificate.

There was time to ask questions concerning specific scenarios as they might be encountered during a regular school day, as we have members of the FIS community with chronic conditions.

The First Aider lists can be found in each room across campus, along with important phone numbers. If the School Nurses are absent or busy, a member of the First Aider team will be called to emergencies.

Congratulations to the First Aiders team, you are making the FIS a yet safer place for everyone!

Hannah Bauer
School Nurse

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