Honorary Commercial Judges Visit the FIS


Last week the honorary commercial judges of the Nuremberg Regional Court met at the FIS for their annual get-together.

Dr. Thomas Lask, Vice Chairman of the FIS Board of Directors and procurator of Kennametal Shared Services in Fürth, is the chairman of this association and organizes the meetings twice a year.

This time, the focus was on Röthelheimpark; the tour was led by former mayor of Erlangen Dr. Siegfried Balleis. He supported the settlement of the FIS from Herzogenaurach to Erlangen during his time in office and considers it an indispensable part of this district, which was newly built almost 15 years ago.

Dr. William Sheldon’s explanations of the school’s beginnings were met with lively interest. As one of the founding fathers and chairman of the FIS Board of Directors and FIS Kuratorium for many years, he still remembers every detail and is particularly proud of the positive path the school has taken.

While touring through the school with Petra Niemczyk, Head of Administration,, the visitors commented how advantageous it is for the economy of the metropolitan region to have such a school located here in Röthelheimpark.

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