IB Art Exhibition 2021 – Susanna (Jiani) Shi


Our IB Art students have been working hard over the last months finalizing their work for the IB Visual Arts Exhibition which is part of their curriculum.

Their works are displayed in the Aula and in the Gallery above the Aula until the end of April 2021 for everyone to enjoy who passes by.

“From the first day I began the IB Visual Arts course, I had a straightforward attention that my pieces will be relating to fashion design which is my dream career for the future. Soon, I decided to apply the overall concept of “Dream”, one simple word that contains multiple meanings. As a universal human experience, dreams reflect our subconscious in a sleeping stage, sometimes it’s about the unrealistic setting produced through our imagination about things we couldn’t or haven’t achieved in reality

In art, dreams are often represented in the style of Surrealism, Cubism, or Dadaism. Personally, I consider it’s rather hard to visually deliver everything a person dreamed, as we only remember fragments of the dreams when we wake up. This leads to my goal of picturing those dreamy pieces together to build up my collection. “

(excerpt from Susanna´s curatorial rationale)

Susanna´s website offers more insight into her pieces and process.

Susanna’s Work

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