IB Art Exhibition 2021 – Sanjana Umesh Kumar


Our IB Art students have been working hard over the last months finalizing their work for the IB Visual Arts Exhibition which is part of their curriculum.

Their works are displayed in the Aula and in the Gallery above the Aula until the end of April 2021 for everyone to enjoy who passes by.

“The factors that make us human; emotions, actions we choose, desires and conditions are all part of our humanity. This broad concept explored from various perspectives such as perception, reality and sensation, the way we carry ourselves and are either positive or negative constructs the shape of our understanding of humanity. All these concepts are so closely linked together that each of them influences one another, making it hard for us to understand them separately. This topic helped me to understand the magnitude of the idea that every human being is complex and that there is much more than what we can see on the surface of any individual, we just need to search deeper for the aspects that reside below…“

(excerpt from Sanjana´s curatorial rationale)

Sanjana’s Work

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