IB Art Exhibition 2021 – Azura Naveed


Our IB Art students have been working hard over the last months finalizing their work for the IB Visual Arts Exhibition which is part of their curriculum.

Their works are displayed in the Aula and in the Gallery above the Aula until the end of April 2021 for everyone to enjoy who passes by.

“I knew ahead of time that I would aim to make pieces that were intimate to me. By exploring the concept of pleasure, I produced works that were symbols of things that brought pleasure and peace not only to me but to people around me as well. I wanted the audience to get a glimpse of all the different areas of life that bring joy to me. By presenting all the things that are pleasurable to me, I desired for viewers to take a minute and reflect back into their own lives so that they can also think of things that make them happy…”

(excerpt from Amelie´s curatorial rationale)

Azura´s website offers more insight into her pieces and process.

Azura’s Work

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