IB Art Exhibition 2021 – Rihal Ignatova


Our IB Art students have been working hard over the last months finalizing their work for the IB Visual Arts Exhibition which is part of their curriculum.

Their works are displayed in the Aula and in the Gallery above the Aula until the end of April 2021 for everyone to enjoy who passes by.

“The theme of my art portfolio has stemmed from observing human behavior. I have always enjoyed producing artworks; however, creating art pieces as an IB visual arts student has broadened my knowledge of the process of viewing and understanding Art.

In the course, I learned to look at my artwork from different perspectives and have come to a better understanding of human behavior patterns and their thinking processes. I have also been intrigued by the concept of ‘Inner Thoughts’ because I prefer to express them with various artistic activities symbolically and visually rather than verbally. Throughout my portfolio preparation, I was inspired by both contemporary and classical artists such as Herbert James Draper, Sandro Botticelli, David Theron, and Albrecht Dürer…”

(excerpt from Rihal´s curatorial rationale)

Rihal’s Work

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