Grade 3 – Young Entrepreneurs


As we know, the ever-changing restrictions have affected many businesses in our local area, including our own Grade 3 young entrepreneurs. The students have shown great adaptability in these unpredictable times. On Wednesday, March 24, they were finally able to celebrate their learning in IPC with the grand opening of their soap business.

This year the three classes decided to set up a soap-making business to help promote the importance of good hand washing during the pandemic. The students investigated how soap is made and did some marketing research to find out what shapes, colors, and scents might be most popular with the FIS community. After applying for a loan from Mr. Heinrich, the FIS business manager, the students were able to purchase materials to start their business. Together, the children made advertisements and created around 180 bars of soap, which were packaged and sold on Wednesday in front of the FIS. The young entrepreneurs will be coming up with a plan for how their profits will be used to support the local community after the break.

We would like to thank the community for their generous support and hope everyone enjoys using our soap to stay safe and healthy.

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