IB Art Exhibition 2021 – Amelie Schneck-Schatz


Our IB Art students have been working hard over the last months finalizing their work for the IB Visual Arts Exhibition which is part of their curriculum.

Their works are displayed in the Aula and in the Gallery above the Aula until the end of April 2021 for everyone to enjoy who passes by.

“I began this course with the intentions of my work resembling childhood and my perception of those primal years where we are indulged in our creativity. I, however, broadened my concept to “Cognition” to explore different states of mind, not being tied down to that of children.

The intention of my selected work is to relay intimate sentiments in the form of illustrations. This was influenced by Shiota Chiharu, a contemporary Japanese artist whose collection, “The Soul Trembles”, I visited in Tokyo. Her work was purely conceptual, dedicated to capturing that emotion stemming from intimate memories in her life…”

(excerpt from Amelie´s curatorial rationale)

Amelie’s Work

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