Grade 5 IPC Unit Climate Control


Grade 5 has been studying all about climate change. We are investigating the impact of climate change not only on us humans but also on plants, animals and the resources that earth provides. We have created posters, books and even presentations.

Grade 5 has been working on their cooperation skills and have learned to work more independently. We have all expanded our knowledge about climate change. We have also learned to exchange and respect the ideas of each other.

This week, Grade 5 had the chance to become creative and build a solar oven, a wind turbine or a biomass energy unit. This helped us understand how alternative ways of producing energy work.

For example, in order to build a solar oven you need a flat box (like a pizza box), aluminum foil and transparent foil. Cover the lid of the box with the aluminum foil and wrap the transparent foil around the open box. Place the box facing the sun and make sure that the lid stays open so that it can reflect the sunlight. This helps trap the heat inside the box underneath the foil. You can place a bowl of water inside the box and observe whether it heats up.

Maybe this is something you could try out during the Easter break?

Philipp and Polly
5S students

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