Grade 10: Work Experience

At the FIS we aim to prepare our students to achieve success in their higher education studies and future careers. While universities value academic rigor and students’ academic achievement, experiential learning such as job shadowing opportunities and summer jobs are considered crucial aspects of college preparedness. Increasingly more colleges and universities prioritize this type of experience and the skills developed through it. To offer our students a chance to strengthen their university application and gain some invaluable life skills, every June our Grade 10 participates in a mandatory two-week Work Experience program.

Through this program our students are given the opportunity to develop and apply the skills, theories and concepts learned in the classroom while at the same time gain industry specific skills. At the same time participating in work experience can be a great way to get a taste of the profession in a particular field before students commit to further studies. This program offers our students an opportunity to network and build professional connections even before they graduate.

We offer a glimpse into some of the students’ impressions of what they have learned during the recently completed work experience program.

“I learned how to be more self-sufficient and intuitive.”

I learned a lot about cells, physics, mechanics and how the first parts of an experiment work. I learned a lot about programming and how to customize parts and machines. I also learned more about how real-life work is and how to behave appropriately in a professional environment. Also, I felt that I learned more about myself and how I work in the real world as well as what I want from a job.

“I believe the most valuable thing that I will take away from this experience is the sheer difference between work and school. I learned a lot about independence, but for this specific placement I developed more problem-solving skills. The main thing that helped was the more real-world application of my knowledge.

“The number of things I was able to learn alongside the interactions I had were really pleasing about this internship. I got to both experience the working part as well as some creative aspects. It combined in a comfortable mix making it a good two weeks.”

“The most valuable thing was just making new connections, getting to know a different environment and getting first experiences in the working world.”

“During my two weeks, I learned a variety of things. I learned professional, interpersonal skills and problem-solving skills. I developed. These skills will be very helpful even if I do not pursue a career in this field. Overall, this experience allowed me to develop valuable skills for my future career.

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