Grade 10 Trip to Bionicum and the Nürnberg Zoo


On Thursday, October 18, all Grade 10 students took part in a trip to the Bionicum center at Nürnberg zoo. The exhibitions at the Bionicum explore examples of Biomimicry, a field of science that links biology with engineering and aims to incorporate structural patterns observed in nature into the design of buildings and machines to make them stronger and more efficient. This visit served to emphasize the importance of collaboration between scientists from inter-disciplinary backgrounds and to introduce a systems approach to thinking which will be important in Grade 11 during the interdisciplinary Group IV project.

Students also took a self-guided tour of the zoo using a program designed by the Bionicum. In this tour, they visited animals with structural features of particular interest to engineers, architects and industrial designers. At the end of the day, the students had the opportunity to rest and attend the Dolphin Show. Overall, we all had an extremely enjoyable and informative day!

Natasha Schorb
High School Science Teacher

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