Grade 1 Visited a Farm


As Grade 1 continues to explore answering their questions about food, naturally they visited a farm to use a great resource, an expert. There they learned many things that can only be expressed in their drawings and words alone.

I loved the pigs because they were so so so so so so cute and I loved the cows too. I learned that pigs turn into food. I wonder will they run out of pigs? – Gustav

My favorite thing was when I go to see the cows. I learned that cows have a yellow paper on their ear because it has all the information about how old they are. There were twin baby cows. They were cute. I also learned that cows are meat and that makes me sad. I wonder if we can get meat from something else? – Alva

My favorite part was riding the tractor. And the horse. And the cows were stinky! I learned that pigs are Wienerschnitzel. I wonder how the farmer can be around the stinky cows all the time? – Filippo

I learned that cows can be different colors. I learned if a pig has a curly tail it is very healthy. I liked the tractor ride. I wonder why are there different kinds of cows? – Georgios

I learned that the cows have four stomachs. I learned that pigs eat almost everything. I liked when we were going on the tractor. I wonder why do the plants die? – Seungwoo

Grade 1 Students

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