St. Martin’s Parade


It is a tradition in Germany to celebrate St. Martin. As an international school located in Germany, we would like to give all families the opportunity to experience German celebrations that have been around for a long time and are part of German culture.

Such a celebration is St. Martin and you are cordially invited to celebrate it with us on November 8 at 16:30. We will have a real horse, food and drinks provided by the PTO and CAS collecting coats (donations of any coat in good condition are appreciated).

15:30Regular pick-up
15:30 – 16:30PTO sells food and drinks in front of the school or in the Aula
16:30St. Martin's parade begins
16:50Children sing St. Martin's songs at the retirement home
17:00St. Martin's play in front of the FIS

Dismissal and pickup as usual. PTO will be selling food and drinks in front of the school. You are welcome to stay with your child(ren) in front of the school building or go to the close by the playground until 16:30. In case of rain, we will gather in the Aula.

We kindly ask to watch your child(ren) closely since there are plenty of cars around during pickup.

Please do not forget to bring your lantern!

The Early Years and Elementary School Team, the PTO and CAS Students

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