Grade 10 Combined Arts Field Trip to London


The Grade 10 Combined Arts students had a fantastic time in London earlier this month. The Music students were treated to a variety of experiences ranging from the energy of STOMP, the history of Haydn and Hendrix, and mesmerizing Gamelan music, among so much else! The Drama students’ jam-packed itinerary included plays in London’s famous West End, a workshop at the Royal Court Theater and a behind-the-scenes tour of the impressive National Theater.

The Visual Arts students attended The Lion King Musical and found inspiration for their IGCSE during a guided tour about William Turner in the Tate Britain and a visit to the fascinating Balenciaga exhibition in the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Despite the demanding schedule, our students were enthusiastic and engaged, acting as great ambassadors for the FIS. Overall, our Combined Arts students certainly were able to enjoy time in one of Europe’s cultural melting pots.

A big shout-out to Ms. Raine, Ms. Lee, Mr. Ringwald, Mr. Haug, Mr. Hartwright and Ms. Osnowski for looking after our Grade 10 students for the trip. Your time and energies ensuring the students had a wonderful time are appreciated. Thank you!

The Performing Arts Department

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