Grade 10 Bionicum Visit


Grade 10 made a field trip to the Bionicum this month.

The Bionicum is a center attached to the Nürnberg Tiergarten where we witnessed different kinds of technology inspired by animals and nature.

They had a large robot which had a similar structure to a spider, allowing it to move across any terrain easily. We also learned about how natural selection and genetic design impact inventions in nature.

The Tiergarten was really nice, too, as we were able to see a lot of different animals. Some of us really enjoyed feeding and petting the goats at the petting zoo.

It was really sad seeing all the animals locked up, especially the lions and tigers, that were kept in cages too small for them, giving them hardly any space to move.

Overall we learned a lot from this experience and hope to repeat it again soon.

Lea and Rosalie
Grade 10

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