FIS International Fair 2020


The biggest celebration of the school year is coming up! The FIS International Fair is an opportunity to showcase your country and what you love about it. Traditional food, folklore dances or national dresses, share it with the FIS community to celebrate the amazing diversity at our school.

You can get involved in many different ways:

  1. COUNTRY STALLS: Sign up with one of the country stalls and represent your country. Just follow this Wejoinin link which takes you to the list of countries. Sign up for your respective country and we will put you in touch with each other to organize your stall.
  1. TALENT SHOW: This year our overall theme is CIRCUS and everyone is invited to join the fun and share their talents: Are you a clown or comedian? A magician, juggler or an acrobat? Or perhaps you like to sing or dance? Let us know and we reserve a spot in the FIS stage for you. Please email at .
  1. VOLUNTEERING: If you would like to help on the day of the fair with games, the bar or even setting up, you can sign up as a volunteer. There will be one-hour slots available throughout the day. Everyone is welcome and we are grateful for every helping hand. You can sign up on the Wejoinin link here.
  1. EVENT SPONSORSHIP: This year we have planned amazing professional acts and action stations with experts for the kids, for example, a professional magic show, learn how to juggle, participate in a cheerleading workshop and much more. The PTO will fund this through the takings from the fair but we would also be grateful for any monetary donations. So if you feel generous, please contact the PTO at  and let us know if and how much you would like to donate to the event.

And most importantly: Come and join us on Saturday, May 16, 2020, and enjoy a day of fun activities, great food and lots of international treats and entertainment. We can’t wait to see what will be on offer this year!

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